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Annabel Lee Cafe & Ah! Pao (Suzhou Dimsum) - Greenhills Promenade

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Two hours before our Dinner reservation in Makati, my family decided to grab a quick snack at Greenhills Promenade. My dad and I, decided to try Anabel Lee's sandwiches, while my sister and my mom preferred the oriental dish of Ah! Pao (Suzhou Dimsum).

@ Annabel Lee, we ordered:

- Roast beef Steak Sandwich (a la carte)
- Chicken Club with Basil-Pesto (a la carte)

@ Ah! Pao:

- Xiao Long Pao
- Taiwan Beef Noodle

The Roast Beef Steak Sandwich was made of seared slices of beef. Combined with sweet onions, Lettuce and tomatoes. The taste was okay for me (I prefer my order, of course ^_^). The beef was easy to chew and was cooked medium well.

Price: Php 209

Being the basil (Pesto) lover that I am, anything with Pesto will be heaven for me. So, my order of Chicken Club, comprised of grilled chicken, egg salad, tomatoes, lettuce and of course Pesto ^_^, was perfect!

Price: Php 199

My mom and my sister's order of Taiwan Beef Noodles was okay. Although, I found nothing exceptional about it.

Price: Php 175

The Xiao Long Pao was totally new to me. I have never tried Long Pao before. And I was intrigued after being told that it had broth/soup inside of it. ^_^ You have to eat it whole, or else the soup will spill. The taste was good. Especially, if you dip the Long Pao in the separate sauce.

Price: Php 200


The other best thing with Annabel Lee Cafe is that, they have their own rest room. And if it is occupied, they will give you a FREE pass to use/present at the Paid Lounge.


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