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Homemade Dengue Mosquito Trap

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Homemade Dengue Mosquito Trap
It’s been all over the news for the past few weeks. The number of cases are increasing at an alarming rate. Every year this is one of our country’s biggest problems. DENGUE VIRUS!

The season/weather isn’t even helping. With the constant rain, stagnant water can be found all over, and those are only the visible ones, there are also the hidden stagnant waters where more and more Dengue carrying mosquitoes are propagating.

There is only so much that we could do to stop the Dengue cases from increasing. At home we’ve started burning dead leaves, and wood to produce smoke that hopefully would drive the Dengue Mosquito a.k.a. the Aedes Aegypti away. But no matter how much smoke we make, we still find those pests inside our home and in our bedrooms.

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That is why with the help of research, I’ve discovered a different way of eliminating these pesky little blood suckers. I found instructions on how to make a home made mosquito trap by using stuff that we can find mostly in our kitchen such as: empty plastic bottles, sugar, hot water and yeast.

With this—if the experiment is true—hopefully it would attract the mosquitoes by producing Carbon Dioxide and trap and drown them inside the bottles.

I’ve created two of these contraptions. I placed one in the dining area and one outside the bedrooms (hallway).

How to build a Mosquito trap?

Materials Needed:
Large soda bottle
50 gram brown sugar (5 grams = 1 tsp)
1 gram live yeast
Measuring bottle/cup
200ml hot water
Scissors/ cutting knife
Sticky tape

1. First you must cut the top of the bottle (try to measure it so it would fit upside down inside the bottle)

2. Mix/dilute the 200ml hot water in the measuring cup/bottle with the 50gram brown sugar. Before adding the Yeast, make sure that the water is warm and will not exceed 40 degrees Celsius (use the Thermometer). Otherwise it might kill the Yeast. What I did was to blow on it (it was easy because 200ml was less than a cup of water) then tested the water 5 times.

3. When you reach the desired temperature you can now add in the Yeast (no need to mix/stir). Then pour the solution inside the plastic bottle. Cover it with the top (upside down).

*** When yeast ferments, it will create Carbon Dioxide that will attract mosquitoes.

Carbon dioxide will be released from the small opening of the bottle. Mosquitoes will enter and get trapped inside and hopefully drown in the sticky substance.

4. Mosquitoes love dark places, so it would be best to cover the bottle with any dark colored paper. If you don’t have black you can use two layers of news paper just like what I did. Then place the trap somewhere dark like the corners of your house.

*** You’ll have to replace the liquid solution/formula every 2 weeks. Hopefully, Ants won’t infest it.

Good luck and keep safe.



Anonymous said...

Is this effective?Is this the one the government is recommending?

Santelmo on August 20, 2011 at 2:13 PM said...

I am still not sure on how effective it is. I just included it on our preventive measures, and one of those is to keep the house and the surrounding place clean and free from stagnant waters as per suggested by the government.

Anonymous said...

Am waiting for sugar solution to cool right now... cross fingers this experiment proves successful!

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