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Felicity Patisserie - Brgy. Holy Spirit Drive (Don Antonio)

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After reading so much about Felicity Patisserie, we've finally decided to try it out. Not once but twice. First was with my parents and second was with our college friends.
The place was very nice and cozy. You'll get the feeling of being inside a play house. Although, they need to improve their air conditioning. Both my dad and one of my friends complained that the place was a bit hot.

The service was good. The waitress was very friendly. On our 2nd try--it was the owner who (I think) who served our orders. She was very accommodating and was the one who suggested we try some of the deserts.

We ordered:
Pasata Kai-Vigan (php160)
We loved the taste of Vigan sausage on the pasta.

Chorizo con Mozzarella (php175) 
This is another dish worth ordering to partner with the Vigan pasta. The Chorizo and sun-dried tomatoes worked great with the al dente pasta.

Terrific Tuna-Basil Pasta (php160)
The name says it all! "Terrific" The combination of Tuna, basil leaves, olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes were fantastic. All of us loved it.

Creamy Carbonara (170)
I am not a huge fan of cream based pasta sauce especially when prepared by other people, because usually they over do the creaminess. But this one was okay. The mild creaminess worked well with our palate.

Sicilian Tomato Pasta (php160)
My sister loved this one since she is a huge fan of Italian style/ tomato based pasta sauce. She liked the mild sour taste of it. 

Mi Callia Chicken Masala (php175)
This is another dish worth ordering. It has a mild curry flavor and aroma that reminds you of Persian and Indian food. It is not too spicy, just right.

Beef Stew Magnifico (php180)
This dish was quite disappointing. Maybe because we were used to the taste of our own version and the classic one we used to order in a fast food chain. Remember "Kimchi"? As a kid, every time we visit the mall, my sister and I would always request to dine at the food court and would always order Korean Beef Stew, or as we've known it as "Kimchi".

But this particular order would not compare to what we were accustomed with. It lacked in the aspects of: Flavor, Spice, and Aroma. It needs more sesame flavor, the sweetness was fine but it would not hurt to add more spice and seasoning to give it "The Taste" that I am used to. By the way, the serving size was good! ^_^

Parmesan Crusted Garlic Shrimp (php195)

Another disappointing dish. We might not order it again because we found nothing special nor interesting about it except for its name, presentation and price (oh! it's expensive, it must be good!) ^_^ The taste was actually bland. Though crunchy enough, it only tasted like "Regular" breaded-deep fried shrimp. The texture was also dry. It would have been a great order if they included a some sort of "special Felicity dipping sauce" to go with it.

Too bad! We love shrimps!

For deserts, we had:

A great desert. Not too sweet, not too creamy and not too buttery. Perfect!

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (php60)
This is to die for (at least for me) One of the best Braso de Mercedes I've ever tasted. No wonder it's their best seller.

Chocolate Nirvana (php110)
Another chocolate cake that would make your mouth crave for more. It was nice for the owner to make the slice bigger since my friends and I just wanted to try it and just shared a slice. You can notice the mark on the cake. ^___^ 

I can't wait to try their other dishes and most especially, their other deserts!

Felicity Patisserie
2F Unit F Holy Spirit Drive 
cor Don Matias St 
Don Antonio Hgts Subd 
(Across Cake to Go/School Stop), 
1134 Quezon City, Philippines

Mon - Sun:11:00 am-9:00 pm

Phone: 442-2660


Joy on September 19, 2011 at 9:58 AM said...

the place i near our place, i like to try their brazo de mercedes, i am more on the desert than the main dish ahaha

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