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Flavours of China - Review

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After our short trip to Makati, my parents and I went straight to SM the Block for a client call. Now, it was already 2:45pm and we haven't had our lunch yet. So, we have decided to look for a place to eat first (our client texted that he, was going to be late). We then decided to try Flavours of China (yes, it is spelled with a letter U) since we only have so much time in our hands and that it's closer to where we were.

We ordered:

1 FOC Seafood Fried Rice
1 Broccoli with Garlic
1 Fried Chicken in Imperial Sauce
1 Seafood Roll

It took only a few minutes for our food to be ready (maybe because there were only 3 or 4 occupied tables, including ours)

FOC Seafood Fried Rice 

The taste is nothing new. For me it savored the traditional Chinese Yangchow fried rice, though what made it different is that instead of using pork, they used small scallops.

Price: Php 253.00 per order (good for 3 hungry adults)

Broccoli with Garlic 

The name says it all--Literally! ^_^

Just plain Broccoli sautéd in garlic. Btw,  the vegetable is cooked perfectly.

Price: Php 185.00 per order (good for 2-3 person)

Seafood Roll 

Again, for me, the dish is nothing special. The taste is very mild (good thing it was served with sweet and sour sauce--dip) It's like eating regular crab balls/sticks, crab cakes, squid balls, chicken balls, etc. but with less taste (or maybe it's just me)

The texture is soft in the inside.
Price: Php 110.00 per order  (good for 2 persons)

Now for the finale...

The best thing so far....

Fried Chicken in Imperial Sauce 

The chicken tasted like one of my ultimate favorite chickens in the country. It tasted like Savory Chicken. We even asked the waiter if FOC is owned by the said company--we were answered, No.

The sauce has a mild taste of herbs, which I cannot quite distinguish. But it's good. ^_^

My only complain about the chicken is the size of the serving. It is too small, for it's price, it should have been a bit bigger.

Price: Php 250.00  per order

The Verdict:
5 out of 10 Stars

I would have to give credit to the taste of the chicken and the ambiance. (Another negative feedback is that, their plates are too small...)

BTW, according to the waiter, FOC also owns other food establishments such as: Karate Kid, Holy Cow and Tempura.


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