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Kabab Korner - Review

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The other day, before going to Eastwood Libis to watch a movie (RED), we stopped by at Treehouse Resto/Grill in Matalino St., to pick-up my sister's prize for winning a contest. Afterwards, before heading to the movie house, my mom suggested for us to grab a quick snack first (which evidently felt like a full course meal), we then decided to dine at Kabab Korner, also located in Matalino St.

It's our 2nd time around (except for my sister) so we know it's a good pick.

We ordered:

2 Beef Shawarma
2 Keema
2 Pita Bread
1 Mousaka
and 1 Plain Yogurt Shake (for my sister)

Beef Shawarma

The beef Shawarma has the original taste (not compared to the ones you buy in mall carts, that has additional flavorings)

Price: Php 65.00 per order

The Garlic Sauce is FANTASTIC! It has a mild creamy taste with just the right touch of garlic.


The Keema is great--better than what I've tasted before (even better than aunt's recipe. sorry Rae) Again, the taste is mild but you can still savor the Mediterranean flavor. The meat is cooked just right.

**Note: you eat the Keema with Pita Bread**

Price: Php 70.00 per order

Pita Bread

One of the best things in KK is that, they make their own Pita Breads. So you are sure that they are served fresh and hot.

The Pita has a sweet taste, and the texture's not too gummy/rubbery -- just enough to be chewable.

Price: Php 15.00 per piece

and last but not the least (yes, because we'll surely go back to KK and try their other dishes)


Now, this is new! (for me, leastwise) At first you'll notice that it looks like a baked Lasagna; Actually, it is--Except that it is layered with Eggplant instead of pasta.

Taste like lasagna with a hint of healthiness ^_^ Creamy, Cheesy -- Perfect! ^_^ The Moussaka is also served with Pita Bread to add more texture.

Price: Php 170.00 per order (good for 2 persons, if you ordered other dishes)

As for the Plain Yogurt Shake (sorry no picture), let's just say -- I'm not a huge fan of milky, sour drink that reminds me of something else! *wink*

Aside from the FREE Wi-Fi internet connection, they also gave us a discount coupon (for dine-in) and a coupon for a FREE 1.5 liter Coke (for delivery) Yes, they deliver. Though I am not sure about their allowable delivery radius/distance.

Overall verdict:

8 out of 10 stars

I like the fact that Kabab Korner stood their ground and continue to showcase the original Mediterranean flavor, despite having a lot of competitors who, enhances their flavors by using too much butter or barbecue sauce or even, melted cheese just to make customers fancy their product.


icp-pinoy on March 28, 2011 at 10:43 AM said...

Been going to Kabab Korner periodically since in opened in 2008. Never got a free coke even if our bill is as much. I guess you have to make the order at one time rather than sit around and order one after another is served and consumed. Service and food quality is sometimes inconsistent. Employees are changed every five months (I was corrected by the staff, I thought it was every six months). Food is generally good. Place is quiet during daytime. Migh blog about it too one of these days.

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