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Rai Rai Ken (Blue Wave) - Review

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On our way home from Tagaytay, we decided to drop-by the Blue Wave, near SM Mall of Asia, and have a quick dinner. We circled the area to look for a nice place to eat. There was a live band performing at the center with loud music, and so, we decided to try the restaurants on the sides with enclosure.

We picked Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant.

We ordered:

Chasyu Ramen
Kantonmen Ramen
Chicken Teryaki Don
Rairaiken Bento
Salmon Sashimi
FREE: Mabo Ramen

Kantonmen Ramen

It tasted like Pansit Canton but with more sauce to turn into soup. It's not too spicy and not too salty. The noodles are al dente.

Price: Php 175

Chasyu (roast pork) Ramen

Nothing extra ordinary. We did not find any wow factor in it. Just plain, mild soy based flavor.

Price: Php 195

FREE: Mabo Ramen

I am glad we had this for FREE. It tasted quite good. A bit too salty for my parents' taste, but OK for me. ^_^ It has Tofu and ground pork. It's also a soy based soup.

Price: Php 170 (but we got it for FREE, thanks to Citi Bank)

Salmon Sashimi

Now this is a shame. The serving is too small! Despite our order of "Whole".

Price: Php 275 (Whole)

Rai Rai Ken Bento (Sumo Bento)

I personally loved the taste of the beef. It is very flavorful. The shrimp: its batter is not quality tempura, less crunchy and lacks "the taste". Chicken: again, it needs more flavor. It tasted ordinary. And I think it was deep fried while still frozen--I noticed the texture of the chicken meat. The deep fried Gyoza also tasted dull and ordinary, I tasted just pepper.

Price: Php 285

Chicken Teryaki Don

It's quite OK. I like the mild sweetness. But nothing special here.

Price: Php 185

I like the fact that they used sticky rice/ Japanese rice. Also, they served our order quite fast.

But if I would compare Rai Rai Ken with Tokyo-Tokyo...I would prefer the latter. Sorry.

5 out of 10 Stars


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