Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Turk's Shawarma (SM Marikina Branch) - Review

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 5 comments

Before heading to the groceries, we decided to grab a quick snack first. We had Turk's Shawarma (for the nth time now ^_^)

This is one of the Shawarmas I've been saying (from may previous post) that don't carry the original Mediterranean flavor, anymore (at-least for our own personal taste/observation).  Now, don't get me wrong -- My family and I, love their taste/flavor. We won't keep buying it if "it" doesn't taste good, right? ^_^

Anyway, just to give you guys a head-start, their Beef has a sweet, barbecue-like taste. The pita bread is thick (that's good--if you are really hungry) and it, too, has a sweet taste ^_^

They have 3 kinds of sauces: The original garlic sauce, the hot and spicy garlic sauce and OUR (and probably, everyone's) ultimate favorite -- the creamy, Melted Cheese Sauce! yummy! ^_^ we cant get enough of it...I swear.

Our only concern is: the way they wrap the Shawarma. Of course, they'd have to roll it-up, but, when they do, they also roll-up the paper cover within the Shawarma. So if you are not careful enough; or if you are too hungry to notice, you might accidentally swallow bits of wrapping paper ^_^ It is quite a hassle separating the paper from the entire Shawarma.

Nevertheless, it's ALL GOOD! ^_^ We would surely come back for more! ^_^

Also, it wouldn't hurt if they could provide additional sauce bottles or in, individual to-go packs/sachets. They only have 3 bottles of sauces available, so, customers tend to fall in-line just to get some more yummy sauce/dressing ^_^ (for us it's the melted cheese)

We also noticed that, when their super delicious beef is running low and, they have more pita breads available, they would Stop/Hold the orders for the "ALL MEAT Shawarma" and instead, just offer the regular Beef Shawarma with Vegetables (also, since the beef is running low, the meat in our order was less compared to, when, there was still more beef available in the grill)


Beef Shawarma: (small) Php 35.00 / (large) Php 45.00
ALL MEAT Shawarma: (small) Php 45.00  / (large) Php 55.00

I highly recommend ordering the Large-All Beef Shawarma! ^_^ And I am sure, you will order a second serving...^_^ hihihi

Turk's Shawarma is located at, practically, in all, SM Malls (usually, in the food-court).


9 out of 10 Stars ^_^


Anonymous said...

hi.do you have any idea where can i franchise turk's shawarma?been searching its website pero wala eh.hope you could help me out.thanks!

Santelmo on December 8, 2010 at 10:25 PM said...

hello loongmarlene!

sorry to disappoint you, but my mom already inquired about doing business with them. The person in charge told us that the owners of Turk's Shawarma is "Not Open for Franchising".

Too bad for us.... T_T

Hopefully, in the near future, they would consider...

Anonymous said...

I had experienced such embarassing moment with them in other branch, can you pls. tell me to whom can I render my concern? thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

kailan po kayo mag open ng franchise po?

Unknown on March 29, 2016 at 1:46 PM said...

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