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Bad experience, Horrible service/crew at Masferre, Sagada

Sunday, December 25, 2011 - 2 comments

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A few minutes ago, we had an early Christmas Eve dinner a Masferre. We had 2 tables reserved for 21 individuals. We even payed in advance.

Here was the scenario:

- On my way to the buffet table, my sister asked me to request some tissue paper/ paper table napkins. I told the waitress wearing a pink shirt. (excuse me, may i request for some tissue/table napkin?) Everything seemed okay because by the looks of it she and the other waitress behind the counter (wearing black) exchanged words regarding my request. But I waited for more than 15 minutes but the table napkin did not arrive.

- I went back to the buffet table to get some tea, the waitress in pink was standing nearby and so I followed up the request ("miss, uhm, where's the tissue...?) , she again nodded and went to the counter to talk with the woman in black w/c I saw go inside the kitchen. I went back to our table and waited but still no tissue. And now I see the waitress in pink behind the buffet table.

- When my sister went to get some more tea, she came back with a handful of table napkins. So I asked her where she got it and she told me that she only asked for it. "once" I got irritated and wondered, "are they ignoring my requests on purpose?"

- Just to confirm, I waited and started thinking on how to do another request, just in time, my aunt who was beside me wanted some water and so I presented myself to ask for it. This time I got the attention of a small woman that looked very boyish. ("May I request for 3 glasses of water?") She nodded....but again, I waited for 10 minutes and no water came. I looked at the counter and majority of the staff/crew were just there talking to each other. How hard is it to get 3 small glasses of water?

- This time I told my mother (who was the one who made the reservation with the owner/manager) I explained what happened. I asked my dad to call the owner to express my concern. When she came and heard us, she apologized and explained that "maybe" her staff who were according to her are contractual, were tired or frantic/panicked by all of the nights work.

HUH?! "again" how hard is it to get tissue paper/table napkin and 3 glasses of water?

I personally did not feel any sincerity from her (the owner/manager). She did not even apologize (in behalf of the staff) to me but spoke directly to the table.

I think there was a 3rd incident where - at the buffet table - I was about to get some pasta and right there and then, a different waitress quickly took the pasta away from the table. That time I thought that there must be something wrong with the spaghetti for them to take it away. But now that I've thought about it, I could say that it's a part of it...maybe a sinister plan against me? Why?

Because yesterday, we were also supposed to dine there. But my mom already had a reservation at Haddeku and our guide (as agreed earlier) was supposed to cancel but forgot to do it. And so, there was no choice but to proceed with Haddeku because the buffet was already prepared specially for our group.

But during that time, most of our family was already inside Masferre and by the time the rest of us got there, I was the one who told everyone (who was inside--sitting-- Masferre) about the predicament and that we have to leave and proceed with our previous reservation with Haddeku.

So, paranoid as I may seem, this is the only logical evidence/reason I can think of. They "maybe", thought that I cost them their earnings for that night. Because before we left, a staff called my mom's attention and told us that because of us/ our group, they rejected an earlier reservation by foreigners, and that we have to tell/ explain to the owner.

Tonight, when we left Masferre, that boyish looking woman was at the door and even had the guts to stare at me eye to eye...None of the staff came and apologized.

Thank you for ruining my Christmas Eve.

Oh and by the way, just to show some spirit of Christmas, I have to admit--in all honesty-- that their food was actually okay. I would have enjoyed every bit of it and would have had a fantastic time if it were not for Masferre's ill mannered staff/crew.



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