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Sambo Kojin (Yakiniku Smokeless Grill) - Eastwood City Libis

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When was the last time you had fun with your college friends? In my case, it was only 2 nights ago.

For the past few years, I have been some sort of a hermit. ^_^ I usually do not vacate the comfort and security of my four corners. Sometimes, my friends would even knock on my bedroom door just to urge me to go and hang-out with them. But I always refuse...

It's only a few nights ago that I've decided to meet with them again, since it's the holiday season anyway...

I forgot about how great it was to be in the company of good old friends -- and I was glad I did go out. That night I realized how much I missed my friends. The jokes and laughter, the good and fun memories it brought back, and the new ones we created that night was unmistakeably priceless. 

For my grand comeback, we decided to try a new Eat All You Can restaurant in Eastwood City, Libis.

SamboKojin (w/c means God of the Kitchen) is a Japanese and Korean fusion, eat all you can, buffet restaurant, located at the back of Something Fishy. They specialize in Yakiniku and lets you grill the meat yourself.

I was amazed on how much raw food there was. (though I think the number of dishes is nothing, compared with Saisaki) We did not know what to grill first. So we decided to keep on grabbing every kind and, forget the names posted beside the dish.


There was raw seafood as well as raw meat. They also have assorted, ready to eat, Sushi and Sashimi. And for those who prefer cooked food but are too hungry to wait and grill, they also serve well cooked dishes at the buffet table. 

That night, they also had two of my fave soups. Kimchi Soup and Miso Soup. They also have a buffet table just for the desserts. Though we were not satisfied with their cakes--I think they made the cakes specially for diabetics ^_^. Aside from cakes, they have different flavored ice cream, fresh fruits, marshmallows, eclairs, and my fave...a chocolate dip ^_^


By the end of dinner, we all agreed that this was among the best (Japanese/Korean) buffet restaurants we've been to. The food was great. The service and ambiance was OK.


LUNCH (Mon to Fri) No Left Over Price is P 495 (with left over add P100 only)*Except for Holidays
LUNCH (Sat & Sun) No Left Over Price is P 595 (with left over add P100 only)
DINNER (Mon to Sun) No Left Over Price is P 595 (with left over add P100 only)

*** For children- No Left Over Price is P 295 (with left over add P100 only)

For more info, you can call: (632) 421-0145 to 46

or E-mail:

RATING: 8 out of 10 Stars ^_^



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