Monday, November 1, 2010

Twistix (Tagaytay) - Review

Monday, November 01, 2010 - 2 comments

Upon exploring Summit Ridge's Promenade, I happen to notice a woman carrying a some sort of thing in a large barbecue stick. I got really curious!

Then finally, at the second floor, I saw a food cart that has a group of people surrounding it, so I walk closer to check it out. That's that time I realized that the "thing" was actually large Potato Chips made out of real and fresh potatoes.

The food attendants would skewer the potatoes and attach it to a manually controlled chopping device. They would continuously turn the handle until the the potato is chopped into a Spiral/Tornado Shape ^_^

Then they would deep fry it until crispy. Then they would sprinkle some flavorings (powder).

For the sizes they have:

Small = Php 45 per stick
Regular = Php 55 per stick
Large = Php 70 per stick

For the flavors:

Cheese, BBQ, Sour Cream, Ketchup, Pizza and Sweet and Spicy

Now, the funny thing is, I ordered the regular size. But due to some good karma heading my way, my potato got over cooked, and so they gave me a large one instead (which was actually prepared a few seconds from my order) Thanks! ^_^

The taste is actually good! It's is crunchy and flavorful. I just wished they used Olive Oil, instead of regular cooking oil. ^_^

8 out of 10 Stars! ^_^


blankPixels of on November 6, 2010 at 9:52 PM said...

I've seen this a couple of times at the mall and haven't tried it yet. Will do next time.

Anyway, if they cook it in olive oil, they couldn't afford to sell it that way. Hehehe. But, I love anything cooked with olive oil! :)

Anonymous said...

Last week when me & my husband had our first honeymoon in Tagaytay I saw 2 men holding 3 long barbecue sticks. I got so curious & asked myself what the heck were those sticks,if they were some kind of xmas decors or some kind of a toy.I searched for it without my husband knowing I was looking for something.While walking around the mall I saw a bunch of people near a kiosk eager to see something as if there was a commotion. I pulled my husband where the cart was located and saw the huge potatoes stacked up in crates. So I told my husband to buy just one stick for the 2 of us. We wanted to have bbq flavor but unfortunately that was the first flavor that got out of stock. So we decided to have the sweet & spicy which in turn almost have the same taste of bbq. It was GOOD! Other than loving fried potatoes, I really love the fun of the way you should eat it. How I wanted to have a second order of it but it was dinner time and as what our mothers would tell "don't spoil your dinner."

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