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Chicken Charlie - Review

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After a few years residing in America, my godmother, decided to go back here in the Philippines and start a food business. According to her, during her taste test, some of her friends mentioned that her chicken recipe tasted like the ones of Chicken Charlie.

And so, we opted to try them and compare it with ninang's (godmother) recipe (pictures not available).

Ninang's chicken, remained crunchy after more than 5 hours (because they shopped for kitchen equipments). Her chicken has more breading and thus, looked more presentable. The chicken meat also has the recipe's flavor. Well marinated I guess. It also has a light color w/c gives it a fresh, clean look.

Chicken Charlie, was a lot less crunchy. Does not look presentable, maybe because it did not have much breading compared to my ninang's. And it has a more dark color. The chicken meat does not contain much flavor.

Ninang's Chicken:
- Outer portion/Skin/Breading, has flavor.
- The inner portion/Meat ALSO has flavor.
- The meat remained juicy (sort of)
- Remained crunchy for hours after being cooked.

Chicken Charlie:
- Outer portion/Skin/Breading, has flavor
- The inner portion/Meat contained LESS flavor.
- The meat is a bit dry.
- Did not remain crunchy at all.


I cannot distinguish with the taste, maybe because they both, do, taste alike! ^_^ But, I can assure you that, Chicken Charlie's recipe has more taste compared with my godmother's recipe. But my godmother's on the other hand, achieved the "Just Right Factor".

I am not being biased and they both, do, taste alike. Promise! ^_^ But I can say that my ninang's recipe had better quality compared with the other. Or maybe because she's just starting the business? Let's see if she can remain consistent. ^_^

Chicken Charlie sells his chicken for Php 99 per order (4 pcs/order)

I find it, EXPENSIVE! @__@

I think it's not worth it...

I do hope my godmother would not overprice her chickens, too! Please! ^_^

Chicken Charlie: 7 out of 10 stars
Ninang's Recipe:  7.5 out of 10 stars

Why just 7 and 7.5?? Because, I did not find any WOW Factor in them. They taste good, they're OK, but nothing special.


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