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Black Soup Cafe - Review

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Maginhawa Street in Quezon City has many food establishments. We plan to try most of them. But first, we opted to tryout PINO restaurant, but too bad for us though because it was full for customers when we got there.

So we drove a little more, looking for a good place to eat. Then my sister spotted Black Soup Café.

We ordered:

Lemon Grass Tea
Black Soup Pasta
Adobo Flakes Pasta
Vigan Longanisa Pasta
Ala Victoria Pasta
Kalabasa Soup

The Lemon Grass Tea, though refreshing, did not taste like lemon grass at all. It tasted more like arnibal (Sugar Syrup) with a hint of Pandan.

Price: Php 80

Kalabasa Soup (Pumpkin Soup)

The soup was not what I expected it to be. It’s not creamy and needs a bit more flavor, but otherwise, it’s ok. A bit watery though.

Price: Php 130 (good for 4 persons)

Black Soup Pasta

Contrary to its name, this pasta is not swimming in soup. It’s not even black. It’s sauce is actually a combination of Squid, Japanese Nori, Japanese Mayo and Fresh eggs. We loved it! It’s bursting in flavor. Probably the only best thing we ordered…but do read on…^_^

Price: Php 175

Adobo Flakes Pasta

It needs more seasoning. More taste pls! For us, it reminded us of Pasta Puttanesca but with less spice, less flavor, less salt and everything less! We did not taste any Adobo here!

It’s a combination of Adobo flakes(pork or chicken,,,I’m not sure) Black olives and Basil.

Price: Php 130

Vigan Longanisa Pasta (Sausage)

Again, it needs more seasoning, though we tasted a hint flavor of longanisa (sausage). It’s  a combination of Vigan longanisa bits, cooked with tomato, mushroom and olive oil.

Price: Php 120

Ala Victoria Pasta:

It’s cream based with Hungarian sausage, Basil, Carrots, Peas and Corn. Needs more salt and probably cheese.

Price: 120

5 out of 10 stars!

The serving sizes it too small for its price.
Most of our orders lack flavor and seasoning.
The pasta is not Al Dente
I saw something that ran behind the piano @_@


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