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Lechon Pizza (Pizza Hut) - Review

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Me and my sister grew up with Pizza Hut. I can still recall ordering our ultimate favorite family size, thick crust pizza (Hawaiian flavor) every Saturday. The two of us would finish the entire box within a few minutes. (at that time, we were about less than 10 years old) For us, nothing can compare with Pizza Hut, not even the happy bee or the clown. ^_^

Today, on our way to the cemetery for a late visit to my great grand parents’ grave, my parents and I decided to have a snack at Pizza Hut in Katipunan Ave.  I was so eager to try their new flavor, the Lechon Pizza (Roasted Pork Pizza) since it looks so delicious on their promotions.

I never thought I would say this, but Pizza Hut’s latest product, the Lechon Pizza is a total disappointment! It only looks enticing on TV and in pictures. 

The actual pizza looked dull. And the taste was nothing extra ordinary. In fact it tasted much less delicious than as it looked in the advertisements. The Lechon tasted like cheap, low quality roasted pork. Though, I have to commend the Lechon skin, for being very crunchy. ^_^

My parents, especially my dad, thought the pizza was a bit too salty.

Their sauce was pretty much the usual taste and flavor. Nothing special about it.

If we talk about roasted pork, the first few things that would pop into our minds are: high blood/cholesterol, heart problems and premature demise. Nevertheless, it would be fine for me, knowing I would leave this planet smiling and contented with the scrumptious Lechon feast. But with Pizza Hut’s Lechon Pizza, I would think twice. It’s a good thing that we only ordered the medium (10 inch) size pizza.  And for the price of 329 pesos, it is totally NOT worth it! 

Most probably, this pizza would taste much better on their branches in Cebu City, which is popular for their “class A” Lechon. Lucky Cebuanos! ^_^

(In any case, this is just my honest, personal and unsolicited opinion. It’s still up to you, my readers, if you would like to try it. Anyway, it’s ok to try anything once. ^_^ or just for the sake of it! ^_^)

Oh, and by the way, before leaving the venue, be sure to grab a raffle form and fill it out with your complete details. Who knows, you might be one of the lucky customers to receive a FREE: Super Supreme Pan Pizza with a 1.5 Liters Pepsi.

One raffle form for EACH customer; irregardless of your order. Since there were 3 of us, we got 3 raffle entries. 

 3 out of 10 Stars!

Sorry Pizza Hut! I am totally not happy with this flavor!
We should have ordered the 6 cheese Pizza! @_@ Thinking about it makes me hungry.... ^_^


blankPixels of on November 28, 2010 at 4:34 PM said...

That's exactly why I haven't tried this yet - the cholesterol - and I'm not really sure about the taste. Most people I know raved only about the crispiness of the lechon skin and that's it. But, I agree, we should at least try anything once. So, we'll try this but we'll only buy the smaller size, too. I don't want my family eating more than 2 slices of this.

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