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Beef & Vegetable Noodles (Chinese-Korean Fusion) - Recipe

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After arranging our pantry, my mom found Korean wheat noodles that were left unseen for months. So, not wanting it to go to waste, we decided to have noodles for dinner.

We only use those kind of noodles for Shabu-shabu, but we're not in the mood for it and we lack some ingredients. So, we thought, why not make our own recipe of Chinese-Korean style noodles out of whatever we have in the fridge.


Korean Wheat flour noodles (900grams)
Beef Tenderloin Strips (1/2 kilo)
Olive Oil
Sesame Oil
Oyster Sauce
Korean Red Chili Paste
Chinese Cabbage
Onions & Garlic
Pepper (crushed)


- Boil the noddles for 4 minutes only.

- Sautee the beef in olive oil. When cooked, place the beef on a separate plate.

- Saute the Onions and Garlic in Sesame Oil.

- When slightly cooked, add in the other ingredients--starting with: The Carrots, Chinese Cabbage, Spinach and Leeks. Then add in the cooked beef. Put some more Sesame Oil or Olive Oil as needed. 

- Add in 2 to 3 table spoons of Oyster Sauce and 1 Teaspoon of Korean Red Chili Paste.

Then, add in the coked noodles. Mix well.

Note: You can add more Oyster Sauce and Chili paste to increase the taste/flavor. Also, you can squeeze some Lemon to add zest. ^_^

ENJOY! ^_^ Yummm!


aynzan on January 27, 2011 at 4:25 AM said...

Looks delicious..I love noodles and pastas ,a family favourite.

Santelmo on January 27, 2011 at 2:32 PM said...

thanks aynzan! ^_^ my family also loves pasta and noodles ^_^

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