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The Highlands Steakhouse (SM Mall of Asia)

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As posted earlier, our evening at the Highlands Steakhouse in SM MOA was one of the best. Not just because it's our first time to welcome the New Year in a public place, but also because of the fantastic dinner we had at the steakhouse.

It was a last minute call. My dad decided to make reservations two days before New Year's Eve, but unfortunately, Highlands Steakhouse and other food establishments inside the mall (by the Veranda) was full--every table was already reserved. So, being desperate to witness the fireworks display --we decided to try our luck in another restaurant, this time, outside the mall (by the bay area). Again, practically ALL the restaurants and bars were also full, except one. A restaurant located in one of the farthest area by the bay, in which, according to the person on the phone, can also view the fireworks presentation. So we settled there--instead of nothing....

But, a day before New Year's Eve, a representative from The Highlands Steakhouse called my dad to inform us that, a customer canceled their reservations. ^_^ So, being on the Top of the list on our preferred dining place for the next evening, we agreed to take the available table, and cancel our previous reservation by the bay.

As you can see in the pictures, the ambiance was fantastic. The staff was very friendly and the service was fast. ^_^

We ordered, of course, the cheapest in the menu--whatever we can find affordable. Because majority of the Entrees were above 1k pesos. Well, we're glad that we did. Because when our orders came, they were huge! So, what more if we reluctantly ordered the expensive ones (with larger weight) just to look classy and rich.

Actually, a part of me wanted to order the 30oz. US Angus Rib-Eye (worth 3,280 pesos) to share, just for the sake of status symbol. But I thought, BLEH with hypocrisy! Who am I kidding? ^_^ I should be thankful for what we can afford. I am very much luckier compared to those people outside, hungry and cramping in the crowded streets, just to view the sky show.

I even saw a small family, beside our table who just shared a plate or two of the kiddie meal.

True enough, when we got home, my mom even told us about the family who occupied the huge round table adjacent to us. The old lady just ordered a cup of coffee, the others just ordered a small bowl of soup, a plate of salad w/c they shared with each other and the FREE house bread and butter w/c they also shared with their personal maids. Aside from that and some sodas, they did not order anything...and to think that they came very well dressed. That gave me the impression of a really wealthy family. Indeed, maybe they are. But because of practicality wise, maybe they decided to just order a little for them to be able to get a proper and much more private/intimate view of the fireworks from the steakhouse, and just have their New Year's dinner (Media Noche) in their home.

Anyway, to get back on being a Food Blog.

For starters, the 4 of us ordered the Clam Chowder (which was suggested from other blogs). My fellow blogger are right! The chowder was good. Not too creamy, just right. And you can still savor the clam in it.

Php 180 per order (good for 1 person)

After the soup, I ordered the cheapest, Barbecue Baby Back Ribs which is only worth Php 780.

It's a tender bourbon-flavored imported baby back ribs that is grilled to perfection. Unlike it's cheaper counterpart, this one is not dry or over cooked/burned. The meat is soft and is easily removed from the bones. One order is huge and packed with meat! So it's really worth it! ^_^ The flavor is perfect. Not too sweet, not too salty, not too spicy. Just right. It also came with Baked Potato (or rice) and sauteed vegetables. The baked potato was rather blunt, I would have preferred if they used a lot of melted cheese with it.

My Mom and my sister both ordered, a 7oz John Wayne's Prime Rib worth Php 880. One with rice and one with baked potato.

The serving was just right. The slice was not too thick. The meat was soft, succulent and easy to chew. The flavor is mild. Aside from rice and baked potato, it also came with sauteed veggies and some gravy.

My dad ordered the Seared Chilean Sea-bass worth Php 880.

The miso glazed sea-bass was served with sauteed veggies, Ponzu sauce and angel hair spaghetti. The fish was cooked perfectly, it maintained its freshness and juiciness. Although, if you order this, make sure to eat it right away, because if it gets cold, the Sea-bass will start to taste very piscine.  

After dinner, while waiting for 12mn, my dad and I ordered coffee, the Highlands Brew for about Php 50 per cup.

My sister and I are very proud and glad to have such wonderful and loving parents, that despite having a very tight budget, have managed to shell-out  (Php 4,487.85) just to give me and my sister a wonderful New Year's Eve.

Thanks Mom and Dad ^_^


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