Thursday, January 13, 2011

Iced Tea can give you Kidney Stones

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Who knew that drinking too much iced tea can give you kidney stones? I know for a fact that Tea is very healthy. I have been ordering iced tea since I knew there was such a drink. Thank goodness it was only once in a while. Only during the times we dine out and no other drink was available.

But what about those who offer bottomless/refillable iced tea? And what about my other relatives who practically consider instant iced tea as regular H2O? And to think that bottled, ready to drink Iced Tea is always available in the groceries and convenient stores....I better warn them about this.

Thanks to my sister, who was reading a fitness magazine, while we were killing time during our movie night. She borrowed the digi-cam that she gave me, and snapped a couple of pictures of the article.

Read and be warned:

So, to everyone who thinks that ordering a bottomless/refillable Iced Tea is a good deal...Think again! You might be paying a thousand times more in the future on medical bills because of Kidney Stones.

As suggested in the article, try ordering Fresh Lemon juice or plain water.

My question now is, where does Oxalates in iced tea come from, and what about drinking too much herbal tea? Or making my own natural home made Iced Tea from regular: (tea bags + hot water + lemon + sugar + ice) Will it be as health hazardous?

-picture from tipsfortealovers-


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