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Muang Thai - Authentic Thai Cuisine

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This is probably one of the most authentic-tasting Thai restaurants in the Metro. They also have Thai inspired interior design, so having your lunch or dinner there would give you a different kind of atmosphere.

For the three of us, their serving is quite adequate. Although, if you are really hungry you might want to order a little bit rice.

It was our third time to dine there, so I can really say that it's worth the try.

That time we ordered:

Pad Bai Horapha Nuea (Spicy Basil Beef w/o rice) Php 220

Have I mentioned before that I Love Basil!? ^_^ So ordering this dish was ideal for me. It's not too salty. The flavoring is just right. Even the amount of Basil used was just enough to give it a bit of herbal taste. Despite the large pepper/chili in the picture, one order is not really spicy.

Next we ordered, Muang Thai Khao Pao (Fried Rice) Php 220 - Whole

It's like an all around fried rice. It was prepared with everything. The rice was cooked with shrimp, squid, beef, pork, chicken, eggs and vegetables. The taste was okay. This alone good enough, because of everything that's in it. ^_^

Since there's only three of us, we did not order much. So our last dish was Pad Thai Noddles, which was my mom's fave. One whole order is only Php 200.

It is pan fried rice noodles with a combination of eggs, shrimp, chicken, peanuts, bean sprouts and spring onions. We tasted a little bit of curry and there's a little hint of sweetness in it. 

For my drink, I ordered Thai Iced Coffee. Php 60

I've tried this before. It's Thai coffee but with condensed milk. What I liked about it is the way it was presented. It's like a mini-portable coffee maker. You let the coffee drip till the last drop, stir it, then pour it to another glass filled with crushed ice.

What I also loved about Muang Thai Restaurant is that they have a small shop full of Thai products. (sorry no pics) And what caught my attention was the Thai Body Bags (similar to Cambodian Monk Bags) w/c is hard to find here in Manila. They have it in different designs and prices. The most expensive one cost about 280 pesos, I think. The cheapest I got was for 150 pesos (mainly because it was the last one of that design)

-picture from

I do hope that one day, they would also sell Thai Fisherman's Pants, w/c I like best. (Or maybe I did not see it..)

-picture from

NOTE: They are closed for 1-hour, after lunch.


8 out of 10 Stars

Muang Thai (Authentic Thai Cuisine)
#138 Malakas St., Diliman, Quezon City (at the back of Philippine Heart Center)
Tel No. 927-4305 / 426-4123

Banawe Branch

#494 Banawe Ave., SMH, Quezon City
Tel No. 741-8696


wggozar on January 5, 2011 at 7:51 AM said...

Should try this one of these days. Had been making my rounds of the restos in the area. Would also make a former client happy. Thanks for the tip Karl!

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