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Focaccia - A Slice of Italy (A. Venue)

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Last month, after my mom's client call, we happen to pass by at A.Venue. My sister being a major foodie, instinctively call out: "Oi! A.Venue! I've heard about this place. Let's have dinner here!"

And so, my dad (the driver at that time) made a quick right turn and looked for a parking space. Inside the mall, we scouted for a good place to eat. In the end, we've decided to try Focaccia. According to my sister, she has heard/read good reviews about the brand.

We ordered:

Prosciutto Tartufo (Famiglia size)Penne alla Sicilliana (Famiglia)
(Pazzo Rollio) Slice if Italy (Famiglia)

The Truffled cream sauce of Prosciuto Tartufo was okay. For me the flavor was a bit bland, but never the less, it was okay for my mom. Aside from the prosciutto, it was also mixed with slices of button mushrooms and some basil. I also found the serving size to be small (for a Famiglia)

Price: Php 460

I have much preferred the taste of Penne alla Sicilliana. The tomato based sauce with spicy Italian sausages was perfect. It was not too spicy despite having chili in it. The serving was enough for the four of us. It was the perfect combination for our pizza.

Price: Php 340

Our next order is also now, our favorite. The taste was great and the fun way to eat it adds more points to it.
The (Pazzo Rollio) Slice of Italy. With the thin crust (so you can roll it up) It came with ham, bacon, salami, onions, mushrooms and of course...Cheese! ^_^ They also gave us a small (refillable) bowl of Alfalfa sprouts and basil to add to our pizza.

Price: Php 380

My dad ordered Godiva coffee, which according to him was okay. (I forgot the price, sorry)

For dessert, I ordered Crème brûlée, that for me tasted just like ordinary Leche Flan.

Price: Php 90 (i think)

BTW, they also gave us bread.....i think it's for free...

RATING: 9 out of 10

I would love to dine at Focaccia again...yummy! ^_^


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