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New Year's Eve at The Highlands Steakhouse in SM Mall of Asia (part 2)

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Don't you just wish you could rewind time? Especially, during a great and wonderful moment, so we could experience it over and over?  ^_^ Thank goodness for video recording.

As usual, the people were in high spirits. Especially during the fireworks display. There's nothing you can hear but loud cheers, and non-stop party horns. I swear, I thought "don't these people run out of breath?"

Here's a sample of a video I took during the said event.

And no, those party horns are not from children, the majority were coming from adults (as you can see from the video) ^_^ hihihi! Indeed, the holiday season brings out the child in every grown man/woman.

As mentioned on my previous post, we stayed at the Highlands Steakhouse which is located on the Veranda of the second floor, with the fantastic view of the bay. Aside from having exquisite food (which I will blog about later), Highlands Steakhouse is one of the establishments at the SM Mall of Asia, that always gets the best view of the sunset, Fireworks presentation during New Year's Eve and during the World Pyrolympics.

We reserved a table inside the restaurant mainly because of better lighting, ambiance and air-conditioning. But 30 minutes before 12mn (2011) my sister and I decided to go outside the veranda and find ourselves a nice place to watch the fireworks. We did not leave that place because we know that any moment, other guests will come out and watch as well. So, by the time the show started, we even got the chance to squeeze our parents through the small, private and intimate crowd, to be with us by the balcony.

It was a one of a kind experience for us, since, we have always celebrated Christmas and New Year's at home...

Welcoming the New Year outside was fun! Especially, because I am with my parents and sister ^_^

I hope everyone who is reading this, also had a wonderful time ending the year 2010 and celebrating 2011.

In behalf of our entire family, PMT, and Home District Philippines, I wish everyone a  Happy New Year! ^_^


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