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The Burp Society at Cafe 1771 El Pueblo

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to dine in a posh restaurant without worrying about damaging your pockets? Well, now is your chance because hidden in plain sight, at the heart of Ortigas lies a cleverly stylish treasure trove for foodies like me and The Burp Society.

Combining chic artistry, fashionable interior design, quality service and culinary ingenuity -- Cafe 1771 from the Chateau Group gives us an au courant taste of fine cuisine that most restaurants won't. Think of it as casual dining with a hint of first class a la mode.

For a brief history the Chateau Group, Chateau 1771 originated in the late 90's as a French inspired restaurant located in Malate, Manila -- headed by Mr. Ricky Gutierrez and Chef Vicky Rose Pacheco. In the year 2010 they transferred to El Pueblo in Ortigas and re-named their establishment as Cafe 1771.


 A few days ago, my sister Karen and I were one of the lucky few to be invited to participate in the very first Burp Society's dinner meet-up at Cafe 1771.

Getting there did not require much fuss as my sister is an excellent road navigator. When we got there we met 10 more foodies like us, namely: Frances, Norman, Mishi, David, Crystal, Kim, Sevy, Potchi, Mhel and Ken.

The generous host heftily served our group with following:
NOTE: The majority of their dishes are good for sharing.
  • Fried Squash Flowers @ php 280
  • Orange Pork Spareribs @ php 450
  • Salbacho Pizza @ php 450
  • Spicy Buffalo Wings w/ Blue Cheese Dip @ php 380 (from the Wine Bar Menu)
  • Oysters Rockefeller @ php 550 (from the Wine Bar Menu)
  • Organic Chicken in Potato Crust @ php 560 (from the Wine Bar Menu)
  • Wine Bar Burger plus Gruyere Cheese @ php 495 

 The Squash Flowers are deep fried and had a mild taste and is ideal for vegetarians and light eaters.

The Orange Pork Spareribs is sweet. If you prefer your food with fruity flavor then this is a must try. As for me, I personally prefer it without the orange. Fruits such as Orange technically alters my appetite, hence, lessening my food intake.

The Salbacho Pizza is a must try. I personally love it. It has thin crust and it is topped with Salami, Bacon, Chorizo, Mozzarella and Basil.

The Buffalo Wings are also good. It is sweet and has a mild spiciness. It will remind you of your favorite buffalo wings/ chicken wings that are sold commercially in different parts of the metro.

The baked oysters are good provided you eat it while it's hot/warm. Otherwise, it tends to be a bit chewy but still good. Very tasty!

The Organic Chicken tasted a bit ordinary. I found nothing special about it although I loved the potato chips.

Now this is something to look forward to. Especially for burger lovers. This is my first time to experience eating a grilled burger with an actual bone marrow. The burger tasted good but I found it a bit dry and a bit salty. But given the fact that it is part of the Wine Bar menu and is ideally consumed with your favorite beer or wine -- then the saltiness is quite acceptable.

For desserts we had:

  • Amandelle @ php 300
  • Some sort of Cheese Cake (I did not get the name)
  • Chocolate Opera Cake @ php 220
  • Rose Noire @ php 250
  • Some Brownies and Macarons

The desserts are a must try! Especially, the Amandelle and the Rose Noire. I know you will love them so I'll just keep it to myself to keep you a bit excited and let you experience it yourself.

To know more about Cafe 1771 you can check them out at:


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