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CIBO - Eastwood City Libis

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As usual, after securing our seats in the movie theater, my family and I had something to eat. This time, for a light dinner. One of the usual areas that we pass by; every time we go to Eastwood became different. The open space at the second floor of the new mall (the one with a grand piano) was replaced by a small branch of CIBO. So we decided to dine there.

It was quite an unusual experience for me. Because I am not really comfortable eating in an open space, where people continuously walk/pass by, beside and behind me...

We ordered:

Frutti Di Mare (Seafood) - Rigatoni Al'Alfonso
Carne (meat) - Linguine "La Foresta"
Cafe' Americano

The Rigatoni Al'Alfonso is a cream based dish with shrimps, chives, tomato and chili pepper. For me it was really good. It has mild creaminess and it's not too spicy. I would like to order it again. The only complain we have about it is, the Rigatoni pasta was still a bit undercooked...But aside from that, it was all good! ^_^

Php 573 (La Famiglia)

The Linguine "La Foresta" is a combination of stewed tomato, bacon and black olives. It has a mild sour taste, not salty. You can really taste the bacon. It's good, but I prefer the other one.

Php 425 (La Famiglia)

The Cafe' Americano is great. We all agreed. For us, it was a perfect taste/brew. My only concern was, it's not hot enough. With the amount of air conditioning in the mall, our coffee got cold easily.

Php 58 / cup


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