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Tao Yuan Restaurant, Malate - Review

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 One evening, my sister, urged my dad to make reservations at Tao Yuan, a Singaporean restaurant. When I found out where it was located, I was hesitant to join, simply because I found it too far from where we live.

But my sister finally convinced me to tag along, saying that I won’t regret it. That Tao Yuan is one of the best restaurants in the city. Well, she’s right! And I am glad that I did join them. The food was great!

We ordered:


-         Singapore Cereal Prawns

-         Singapore Boneless Hainanese Chicken

-          Hainanese Rice

-         Singapore Laksa

-         Singapore Mango Lapu-Lapu

-         Century Egg Asado Tart


Singapore Ceral Prawns

Fried Prawns covered with sweet crunchy cereal (it reminded me of Philippine Barquillos / Wafer Rolls) The prawn were OK, but I personally loved the cereals.

 Hainanese Chicken

I have tasted Hainanese Chicken before, but I can say that Tao Yuan’s has more flavors in it. The chicken meat is soft and juicy. Don’t forget to add the dip—it’s one of the best.

For me, it’s one of the best so far. ^_^

Php 450/ half order

 Hainanese Rice

Hmmm…what an I say, a regular rice with mild Hainanese flavor in it. Probably, sautéed in Hainanese chicken essence/oil. It’s quite expensive though, plus, I would be much more contented if I had the Chinese Yang Chow fried rice. But, it would not hurt if you’d try it once. ^_^

Php 50/cup


Now this is divine! This is probably the best thing after their Hainanese Chicken. The soup is bursting with flavor. It has a rich taste and full of ingredients. I consider Tao Yuan’s Laksa to be addictive. You’ll surely miss it after a few days and, would want to have more. ^_^

The soup is fantastic even on its own.

Php 328/ bowl

 Mango Lapu-Lapu

The Lapu-Lapu is definitely fresh, but for the taste, I am not quite sure if I liked it. For me, it tasted ordinary. Nothing special, just the sweet and sour taste of mango and its sauce.  A bit dry for me.

If I were to choose, I would have ordered a different dish.

But, it depends on your taste and preference. Maybe, I would have liked it better if it were steamed, instead.

 Asado Tart

We ordered this as an additional dessert, but for me it’s more applicable as a snack (merienda). It’s good! ^_^

 FREE Dessert

I forgot what this dessert is called, sorry, but it’s nothing special. I would have preferred if they placed more Lychee instead of black jell-o. Well, I must not complain, it’s free anyway. ^_^


I forgot the price of the other dishes, sorry. 

Tao Yuan Restaurant is quite expensive but, surely WORTH IT! ^_^ I suggest ordering the Hainanese Chicken and the Laksa! ^_^

Tao Yuan Restaurant, Malate

508-512 General Malvar St. cor. A Mabini St., Malate
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 522-7009 to 10


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